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Providing completely bespoke cooling systems and turnkey installations for any application.

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Turnkey Installations

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Our experienced designers and key contractors will help clients every step of the way by offering turnkey installations. From initial design briefs and liaison throughout the project to schematic and detailed design specifications for pricing, implementation and construction schedules. Chiller sales will ensure your project completes successfully, on time and on budget with our turnkey installations.

At Chiller Sales we provide a complete package including all equipment and installation, as well as after sales care including service, maintenance and repair. As part of our full turnkey installations service we specify every chiller system individually to provide the optimal cooling solution for your application. The options available on our standard chillers include: Heat Pump Option, Integral Pumps, Steel Frame, Free Cooling System, Standby Pump Set, High Pressure Pump, Antifreeze heaters, Heat Recovery System, Hot Gas Bypass, Dual Temperature Set Points, Remote Control Panel, Soft Start Kit, Phase Protection and more.

In addition to our bespoke chillers we can also supply other specialist cooling equipment including stand alone free coolers, adiabatic coolers and cooling towers.

What Chiller Sales Can Do For You

We're here to help at all stages of the buying process


Our Business

Range of products and services

Our main business focus is on supplying heat pump and air cooled liquid chillers, however we can also supply a wide range of related components and services. This includes heat exchangers, for use on certain process cooling installations, as well as thermal water tanks and boost pumps. In addition we are also able to provide free cooling chillers, for cost effective cooling solutions.


Choosing the Right Chiller

The perfect option for you

Chiller Sales can provide full technical support in specifying the right chiller package for your specific application. Our technical team has experience in supplying chillers for air conditioning and a range of process cooling. Including: plastic injection moulding, carbonised water chilling, blown film extrusion, reactor cooling, potable water chilling and much more.


System Design

Individually configured

We can supply an individually specified chiller package with a range of feature options available to suit any needs. Optional features include: high pressure pump, standby pump set, heat recovery system, hot gas bypass, remote control panel, soft start kit, phase protection, dual set points, anti-freeze heaters, steel frame and more to provide a completely bespoke design.


Full Engineer Support

Our technical expertise

At chiller sales we have a team of engineers that are available to provide technical support at all stages of the buying process. We can perform detailed site surveys and provide specifications for everything from individual projects to multi site schemes. We can also provide planned service and maintenance on all types of cooling or refrigeration equipment. In addition we can provide a repair facility to speedily restore operational functionality of the installed plant.


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